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Depending on your skin type it might be beneficial to exfoliate your skin with natural acid–based serum 1—2 times a week.
We use 2 types of acids — AHA and BHA ones. AHA exfoliation is used for skin renewal and deep cleansing, while BHA is perfect for even deeper exfoliating, specially designed for acne or first wrinkled skin.

what's inside?

Depending on your skin type and skin needs we will add:

  • Acids: AHA (fruit acids), BHA (salicylic acid)
  • Aloe vera gel
  • Oils: jojoba, borago
  • CO2 extracts: rosemary
  • Gentle preservative – by gentle we mean gentle to your skin and nature – but efficient and strong against bacteria and mold - which you don’t want in your cream. Is it possible to produce a water based product without preservative? Not really. Unless you want to keep it in the fridge for a week and then still throw away.


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2 to 4 of products are enough for your ideal skin care, when 8 to 10 other products are needed for your skin care

Certificate of Quality

Our products are made in the United Kigdom labrotory and has been awarded with European Union Certificate of Quality

We don't test on animals

We love animals and are against cruelity to them


Our products are 98,5% натуральны. Why 98,5%? We use synthetic urea, which is needed for skin moisturasing (you are welcome!)


Before production we had over a 1000 of different variants of ingredients, so we combined the best of them udner a very few products

Clean skin care

Our products have been highliy rated by experts, such as Alona_Eco

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