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This mix of oils and CO2 extracts is perfect for your skin. It doesn't clog pores and balances out the lipid layer of your skin using those fatty acids that your skin lacks. Apply 4-5 drops on damp skin at night. NOURISH MY SKIN will easily remind you what a baby skin looks like, in case you've forgotten ;)


  • Oils: hazelnut, macadamia, jojoba, grape seed, rice, hemp, argan, pomegranate, evening primrose, borago
  • vitamin E
  • Essential oils: tangerine, sweet orange, lemon
  • CO2 rosemary extract
  • CO2 carrot extract


Sometimes our skin just needs to be pampered! As it consists of fatty acids, it is very fond of oils!!

If you have an oily skin, you don’t need to worry - we will add only those oils that will nourish your skin so that it will have no need to produce so much sebum to protect itself. The oils will normalize its balance and make your skin more matte. For mixed skin, we'll add oils that even out all the areas. All you need to do now is to fill out the quiz – it will help us understand if your skin needs oils.

Very important part here! - you cannot use only oils for a long period of time. Our skin is made up of both water and fat - so we'll make sure you don't use oils alone.

It is also extremely important to apply oils either on damp skin or under the cream.


morning or night 2-3 times a week

Apply after cleansing your skin.
If your skin requires some extra care, you can add 2 drops (1 press) to your morning cream.
Apply 1 press of the oil on your moist and cleansed skin before bed 1-2 times a week.

What people say about NOURISH MY SKIN

Super! Especially the oil one! It replenished my tired skin in a second, leaving it firm and fresh! True magic!
I've put some Nourish on and now I'm just sitting with a huge smile on my face)) It's not the cosmetics that you are selling, it's a good mood!
Good afternoon! Today I had an appointment with my beautician and she recognised a great improvement in my skin 😇🙏 I used Creamly powder, exfoliate, cream for mixed acne-prone skin and sometimes oils only for a few months - and already - no new pimples and no subcutaneous inflammation too! It's now time for me to switch to a cream with different composition, I really want my skin to get everything it needs😊🙌 Your compositions are pure magic!!! Sometimes there is even no need to use a cream after your powder! 😊🙏 and my skin texture has changed for better during this time, it's become smoother, cleaner, even. This is love 😅❤ "

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2-4 of our products are enough to form your entire skincare routine. So no more cluttered bathrooms shelves!


Our products are made in the United Kingdom and Germany labs and have been awarded with European Union Certificate of Quality


We have created over 1000 different compositions, combined the best of them to produce the most effective ones.


Our products have been highly rated by experts, such as Alona_Eco


Our products are 98,5% natural. Why 98,5%? We use synthetic urea which is an amazing skin moisturiser!


We love animals and do not run tests on them.