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Each face is unique and this is the core CREAM.LY principle, so we created the opportunity to choose a set of techniques that would work specifically for your face, taking into account the type of aging, the state of the muscle frame (to relax muscle tension or to strengthen those facial muscles that are in hypotonia) and other anatomical features


Natalia Chichuk - cosmetologist, neurologist, international trainer of massage techniques and aesthetic taping, practicing specialist with 10 years of experience! Author of the video course of self-massage for facial rejuvenation CREAM.LY


  1. After ordering a consultation, you will receive a letter with Natalia's phone number by e-mail and you can agree on a convenient time for a call with a video in any messenger (Skype, whatsApp, telegram, viber)
  2. The first step will be to send Natalia a full and profile photos of your face
  3. Schedule 20-30 minutes for the call - during this time you will discuss with Natalya what you want to achieve, and she will look at your facial expressions, assess the presence of tense zones, a tendency to swelling, etc.
  4. During the week after the call, you will receive a training video with an individual complex consisting of facial gymnastics, massage and other techniques
  5. You will have 2 weeks to ask any questions😊 And then there will be another call planned to discuss your progress

What people say about Your Personal Face Exercises

Alena, I want to express my gratitude to Natalya for the great selection of individual exercises. Now I am doing the exercises 10 minutes a day following the video, which she made for me. She is a real professional! She immediately saw all my asymmetries, nothing can be hidden from her)) And I already see the first results from classes, so thanks again!
Many thanks to Natalia for the personal consultation! I’m absolutely delighted, although I didn't even think that with my asymmetrical and puffy face there would be such an awesome result and so quickly!I fell in love with my face again! 🥰I do every exercise with pleasure and as a bonus I’m in a great mood! So much useful information and everything is so clear and concise! Natalia is an excellent specialist❤️ "

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