Headband made of soft linen

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Soft linen headband
Conveniently removes hair during self-massage so it doesn't get in the way.
Or beautifully worn under summer dresses

  • In a convenient pouch, in which you can put something else you need
  • Each headband is hand-sewn by an amazing woman who gets decent pay and loves her job
  • Painted with eco-friendly safe dyes so that only the most wonderful things touch your skin
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and Bureau Veritas certificates

Headband size

The headband is one size so it is suitable for all girls with the head volume - 54 cm OR MORE.


Linen is an environmentally friendly fiber. We love the fact that it is a fairly hardy and pest resistant plant with a low level of detrimental impact on the environment. Flax has many properties. It is a strong and durable fabric that is breathable and highly absorbent. Contrary to the popular belief that it is customary to wear linen clothes only in the hot season, we can say that linen clothes are universal. You can wear it absolutely at any temperature outside the window. It is especially important for us that linen clothing is an excellent choice for those with very sensitive or even allergic skin.

There is almost no waste in the production of flax. After processing, the residues are used as fuel, and some are exported in the form of briquettes. Also, very useful flaxseed oil and various dietary supplements are produced from flax seeds in Belarus. High quality, local raw materials and production, environmental standards are important arguments in favour of the material we use.

Quality certificates

  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100
    Oeko-Tex is a world famous organization that focuses on limiting the use of harmful substances in textile production. The test samples are examined by independent institutes within Oeko-Tex for compliance with the pH norm, for the content of formaldehydes, the presence of extractable heavy metals, chlorine-containing carriers and protective substances such as pentachlorophenol and tetrachlorophenol.
  • Bureau Veritas
    Bureau Veritas plays an increasingly important role as an impartial and independent third party in the chain of actions aimed at increasing the transparency of the economy and responsibility for our planet and its inhabitants. Citizens and consumers seek verified or verifiable information on how companies develop, produce and deliver their goods and services. Bureau Veritas supports clients in achieving stronger governance through specialized services related to ethics and integrity.

What people say about Headband made of soft linen

Alena, thank you for the robe and headband. I chose them both in grey ☺️ And a lot of women write that their husbands complimented them. And my husband also told me that the robe is really beautiful and I look lovely in it. But I want to say thank you on my own. I see myself beautiful in it, I admire myself in it and I feel great. It's a very nice warm feeling of love for yourself. Thank you! And, well, yes…. Then my husband came into the room again… And the question now is when to expect the lubricant? 😂🤣
Alena, thank you very much! I got the robe and the headband❤️ The quality and color are gorgeous, and it fits great😍 now I am going to put on the headband and pick up the gua sha tool, such things are even more stimulating to take care of myself! Thank you😊"

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