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Have you ever washed your face with flowers? Finely ground flowers of chamomile, lavender, scarlet, white clay, corn, horse chestnut, colloidal oatmeal can be very persuasive - you skin will have no other option but to glow after the first washings. Sometimes our skin gets so dry after being washed, but this is not the case! When you use our flower powder on your skin you are not just washing it, but moisturising as well.
You think only Disney princesses wash their faces with flowers and powders? Now you can do it too! Feel like a princess and see how your skin starts to glow even after a simple washing. All you need to do is pour a small amount of powder into your palm, mix it with water and wash your skin.


  • Cornstarch (softens skin)
  • Chamomile flowers (soothing and healing ingredient)
  • Colloidal oatmeal (nourishing effect)
  • White clay (anti-aging effect)
  • Lavender flowers (soothe the skin, relieve inflammation)
  • Horse chestnut seeds (reduce couperose)
  • Aloe (moisturizing)


Usual skin cleansers (foams and gels) are based on surfactants (surface-active substances). After using them you feel like there is nothing left on your skin - to be honest, it is true but it's not good. Products based on surfactants wash away the protective layers of your skin and and it becomes very vulnerable. CREAM.LY offers a completely different and more natural approach. A natural blend of flowers, herbs, flour and white clay cleanses the skin, leaving it with its natural protective qualities, while giving your skin the elements it needs.


in the morning and in the evening

Mix a small amount of flower powder with water in your hand (to a mushy state) and apply it on your face. Then rinse thoroughly with water.
The video below shows how to apply Flower Powder

What people say about FLOWER POWDER MY SKIN

The powder has arrived. It's finer than last year's one, it's actually great. The smell is amore mio. I ask only one thing, do not stop making powder!!! Do not change ingredients. It's the only thing I can wash my face with. I'm 47, let me live in peace 😂 Good luck, lots of luck and prosperity to your company!
Good evening Alena !! I'm here today to tell you that what you are doing is an illegal miracle, just in case you don't know. ;) And it's so said that some people still doubt this magic! I've been using the Flower Powder and the Cream for 4,5 month. I use the cream only once, sometimes twice a week because I literally feel like the powder is enough. The skin is bright, soft and glowing like my nine month old baby's. Everyone says that I'm girted with a good skin by nature but we know the truth - you are my fairy godmother, lots of hugs for you and your team!!!!
Powder is out of this world! I actually inhale it's smell in the morning and in the evening, after I have already massaged my face with the powder. And in the morning - it's like a charge of vivacity, but in the evening it calms me down before bed. When I add some water, the powder just dissolves in it, not a single lump and it seems to become even softer.
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