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Based on your skin type and its condition, deep skin renewal with natural acids 1-2 times a week may be exactly what you need.
We use 2 types of acids in our exfoliate (serum). They are called AHA and BHA. AHA acids are used to rejuvenate and cleanse your skin, while BHA ones are real professionals in getting deep into your skin and dealing with first wrinkles and acne.


  • Acids: fruit AHA, salicylic BHA
  • Aloe Vera
  • Water
  • Oils: jojoba, borago (all skin-friendly oils)
  • Essential oils: neroli, litsea, palmarosa
  • Preservatives: sorbic acid (natural preservative), benzoic acid (natural preservative), dehydracetic acid (natural preservative), benzyl alcohol (natural preservative), CO2 rosemary extract (antioxidant)
  • Emulsifiers: sodium stearoyl lactylate, xanthan copper, stearic acid (natural emulsifiers that mix oils and aloe)


use 1-2 time a week before bed

Use after cleansing your skin. Start with 5-10 minutes on, then gradually increase the time and after 2 weeks you'll be able to leave it overnight.

What people say about EXFOLIATE MY SKIN

This exfoliate totally left me speechless today! I applied it for 10 minutes and it smoothed out my wrinkles so now one could barely see them. And between us girls, I'm 58 years old" Thank you so so much for the medicine that happened to be what the doctor's ordered. Forever yours!
How lucky am I to found you! Your exfoliate helped my eldest daughter to reduce the inflammation on her skin
I want to thank you again, I've been using cream and exfoliate for 5 month already. You can't imagine how much money I've spent in the last 13 years looking for a skincare product that would work for me, It's crazy! Every time I bought a new thing, next day it went into a trashcan. But in the last 5 month I haven't bought anything new, I haven't even thought about it. My happiness is beyond all the words I can come up with. You really save my family budget))))
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2-4 of our products are enough to form your entire skincare routine. So no more cluttered bathrooms shelves!


Our products are made in the United Kingdom and Germany labs and have been awarded with European Union Certificate of Quality


We have created over 1000 different compositions, combined the best of them to produce the most effective ones.


Our products have been highly rated by experts, such as Alona_Eco


Our products are 98,5% natural. Why 98,5%? We use synthetic urea which is an amazing skin moisturiser!


We love animals and do not run tests on them.