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Instead of one 50 ml jar we will send 10 jars of 5 ml each.

The composition of this cream totally depends on your skin type and your skin needs, that's what makes it so personal and unique. The cream contains valuable nourishing oils, essential oils, vitamins, plant extracts, algae, a mild but effective preservative and a lot of vitamins.


We will find out what your skin really needs and add the best ingredients accordingly:

  • Some of them are oils: hazelnut, jojoba, neem, apricot, rice, grape seed, green coffee, macadamia, wheat germ, argan, evening primrose
  • Water - because your skin drinks it the same way you do (we hope you do! please have a glass of water right now ;))
  • Natural emulsifiers: cetearyl glycosides, cetearyl alcohol, cetearyl olivate, sorbitan olivate - these guys will mix water and oils

These ingredients will be added for sure, because they are integral components of our skin - so let them be there:

  • triglycerides,
  • ceramides,
  • squalene,
  • urea (though synthetic;)),
  • hyaluronic acid

And based on what your skin needs, we will add more of these:

  • Vitamins B3, B5, C,
  • Peptides,
  • allantoin,
  • bisabolol,
  • CO2 extracts,
  • inulin,
  • zinc,
  • algae extracts

A mild preservative - by mild we mean it's kind to your skin and filled with nature - yet powerful enough to protect your cream from bacteria and mold - trust us, you definitely don't want these things in your cream. Is it possible to create a safe water-based product without using preservatives? Not really. Unless you plan storing it in the refrigerator for a week and then throwing it into a trashcan. Water is life, and we must make sure that its life is safe for you


Your skin is a mixture of... well, a lot of things :) but mainly it is a mixture of fat and water - so firstly, we need to add these ingredients, simple isn't it? But if you go into the details of what your skin consists of - of course, you will see that everything is much more complicated than that. That is why, based on the quiz you take, we add various other components to the composition.


apply in the morning after cleansing your skin

What people say about CREAM MY SKIN

I got the new cream with peptides yesterday! I don't know how it works, but when I apply any of your products - I absorb the love right through my skin🥰 This cream works even better for me than the previous one. That one was a bit heavy for my skin. But this one is perfect! (although I can suppose that in a year or two, Alena will find something to improve here as well)
Good afternoon, Alena! I use the antioxidant cream along with oil. And although my favorite is the cream for sensitive skin (the smell is incomparable), this cream is also very tasty)) And I also think it's because of it that the tan is more golden, very beautiful.
Alena, I want to thank you for creating such a magic! After giving birth, my skin became very sensitive, loose in some places and covered with a rough crust after using my normal skincare. I just couldn't look at myself in the mirror. So, I decided to give your products a 1-month trial, as you said "Skin needs time". But it didn't take that long to see the difference ... It's pure magic! After a couple of days I noticed an improvement. My skin has become smoother, my pores have decreased, I started to admire what a saw in the mirror. And the scent ... OMG ... and it feels amazing. Thank you very much! You are a fairy!
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2-4 of our products are enough to form your entire skincare routine. So no more cluttered bathrooms shelves!


Our products are made in the United Kingdom and Germany labs and have been awarded with European Union Certificate of Quality


We have created over 1000 different compositions, combined the best of them to produce the most effective ones.


Our products have been highly rated by experts, such as Alona_Eco


Our products are 98,5% natural. Why 98,5%? We use synthetic urea which is an amazing skin moisturiser!


We love animals and do not run tests on them.