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Dry brush massage is the most physiological way to cleanse your skin and to stimulate cells renewal.
It will help your lymphatic system, reduce swelling, increase blood flow, remove dry skin and will definitely give you that needed boost to stay active and productive all day long.
A very important advantage of this massage is that it is safe for your body's lipid layer, because the brush is used only on dry skin and it shouldn't be wet or kept in a humid environment.


  • To love your body unconditionally, with all its beautiful scars, bumps and other unique features
  • Have a massage with dry brush 1-2 times a week (on a dry skin before showering).


  • Beech tree FSC©
  • Bristles: natural, medium soft, perfect for body skin

What people say about BRUSH MY BODY

And I just love the brush too! I'm undergoing treatment, my skin is very sensitive and dry, I was worried that the brush would wait for the end of treatment for six months. But it turned out to be so delicate - my skin is silk after the brush and the cream for atopic skin. Thank you!
Hello) I received my order, thank you. The brush is awesome, I could never find such a moderately hard one, and they were all tough before.
Buying this brush was the best decision in my life! I couldn't bring myself to get up early before, but now, as soon as I open my eyes, I run to the bathroom for dry brush massage 😂
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