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You can always message us and we will help you choose your skincare. But the selected skin type is not crucial the composition as any CREAM.LY cream will restore the lipid layer of the skin. And the goals you want to achieve will have a straight influence on the composition Cream my skin and Nourish my skin (treat acne, wrinkles or skin sensitivity).

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In terms of care, we will give your skin everything it needs. But skincare is only the start. It is also important to adjust nutrition, do tests, whether there are deficiencies and hormonal disruptions. The change of seasons can also affect the result. And if all these points are normal, then you can pay attention to psychosomatics.
But in most cases we solve the problem simply by giving the skin everything it needs at the level of care.

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Not really, because, for example, synthetic urea is always used in cosmetics is, well, synthetic. And vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid is too volatile, so good manufacturers use stable forms😊
The rest is completely natural, physiological and very, very cool!

Yes, sure. CREAM.LY cosmetics has safe and natural formulas with all the necessary European quality certificates. But, please, always take a 24-hour test on a small area of ​​your skin, therefore, there can be an individual intolerance even to the safest and most hypoallergenic components.
Also making the massage with our dry brush and application of body cream, is an excellent prevention and skin protection during pregnancy❤️

Product line

Flower powder Flower powder my skin will wash off a light tone, while in order to remove makeup you can take a mixture of oils matched to your skin Nourish my skin or any other light oil. Put a couple of drops on a damp cotton pad (usually 2-3 discs are enough), remove your makeup, then wash your face with powder.

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A toner is needed to lower the pH of the skin after cleansing with surfactants. However, in our purification system flower powder has no surfactants, so it will not disturb the pH of the skin. Moreover, the cream and the mixture of oils will restore the lipid layer of the skin.

IN Cream my skin there is already everything you need for you around eyes skin ❤️ We stand for honest and minimalistic care, where 2-4 products with a rich and working composition can replace dozens of jars on the shelf in the bathroom🌿

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Our products have everything you need when it comes to care, but it is not enough - it is important to learn special techniques of Self-massage and Lymphatic drainage, add movement and good nutrition to your life❤️

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Yes, you can use a blend of Nourish my skin oils that works for your skin. Apply 2-3 times a week at night on a damp skin. It can sound strange, but fat dissolves fat and does not harm the capillaries (as it happens during face cleansing).

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Unfortunately no - here you can find a series of posts explaining why:

Instead of products with SPF, we recommend Cream my skin with antioxidants, which also helps the skin with sun protection (when applied with Nourish my skin reduces the UV load by 23%), and lightens pigmentation. And after a stay in the sun, Cream my body for atopic skin will be especially good, or just a moisturizing Cream my body.

We do not manufacture samples, as each cream has a composition that is selected to suit your care goals. And besides, the skin needs at least a month to regenerate, so that the result is noticeable and it becomes clear whether the product works or not😊


You will get a special postcard in your package with detailed instructions on how to use our products, including the dry brush massage technique guide. If you still have questions, you can always contact us for help.

Flower powder my skin - use in the morning and evening to cleanse your skin. The powder can be applied in two ways:

  • Pour a brazil nut size amount of powder into your palm, mix it with water, apply on your face along the massage lines with patting movements and rinse with water;
  • You can also firstly wet your face and then apply the powder to the skin with pounding and patting motions, this will also increase the blood flow❤️

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It doesn't matter at all! Powder is already perfectly mixed in the laboratory and your skin will receive the necessary amount of nutrients anyway.

On the contrary, our face powder regenerates the skin with eczema due to the content of colloidal oats (the most expensive ingredient in it). There are many studies on the positive effect of colloidal oats on the condition of the skin with dermatitis, as well as improving the microbiome.

Cream my skin - apply in the morning after cleansing the skin. Cream in the morning can be quite enough, at night you can either just cleanse your skin or also apply the cream.
You can also add a mixture of oils to the cream in the morning to enhance nutrition, which is especially important in the cold season.

If you feel particles in Cream my skin, it means you have a cream with a high level of allantoin - this is a soothing ingredient for the skin, and when it comes into contact with the skin, it should immediately melt on it and soothe. But if you don't like it, you can squeeze the cream first into your palm, let it melt for a while, and then apply it on your face😊

Nourish my skin - there are several ways how to use the face oil:

  • You can add 2 drops (1 press) to the cream every day in the morning if the skin lacks nutrition, which is important during the autumn-winter period. If your skin suffers during the cold and dry season, you can add oil to the cream also at night.
  • Apply overnight to damp cleansed skin 2-3 times a week as a stand-alone product.
  • You can use it for self-massage as well as for removing the makeup🌿

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Exfoliate my skin - apply only after cleansing the skin before bed, 2-3 times a week. The exfoliate contains very mild acids, but during the first use we recommend to rinse it off after 5-10 minutes until you know how your skin reacts to the product. If you feel comfortable, then you can gradually increase the time and leave it overnight.
The exfoliate can also be applied only to age spots and inflammations, so that they fade faster and easier. Then you can apply it every day, also at night.

Not necessary, exfoliate is an independent product and nothing else is needed after its application.

Cream my body - apply after massage with a dry brush and after shower 1-3 times a week. You'll need to apply it less and less over time, because the skin will begin to cope on its own.

Our cream is very moisturizing and nourishing, it can take care not only of the skin of your body, but also of the cuticles, heels, dry areas of the body and it will be very cool to restore the skin of the hands when it is suffering from antiseptics now.
This cream can even be used on the face. It will perfectly moisturise and restore the lipid layer of the skin. Any cream for the eye area will only envy such a composition.

Our cream for atopic skin has natural ingredients without hormones and antibiotics, so it is completely safe for delicate baby skin. But always take a 24-hour test on a small area of the skin, because even the safest and the most hypoallergenic components can be individually intolerant.
This cream is ideal not only for the skin with eczema/dermatitis, but also for dry skin of the body or for regenerating the skin in particularly dry areas (such as heels, elbows, the area under the eyes). It will also be especially good after sun exposure.


We deliver worldwide except Turkey🌏
Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan - we ship by CDEK service - depending on the city the delivery takes 3-10 days.
As for Europe, USA, Canada, Israel, Cyprus - we deliver from Holland by postal service providing you with a tracking number. Delivery time varies from 3 days to 3 weeks, depending on the country and city (during the holidays, the terms may increase).
Ukraine - we send by Nova Poshta, it is 2-4 days delivery to the office that is convenient for you.
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Depending on the country, delivery cost ranges from € 3 EUR to € 24 EUR. Also, when your order total price reaches a certain amount (different for each country) - it is delivered free of charge.
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We have representative offices in Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, the European Union, so there will be no customs duties only fast delivery. In other non-EU countries (Switzerland, Israel, Montenegro, etc.), customs duty and VAT are required. These amounts are included in the invoice, which will be sent to you after placing the order. The invoice will be attached to the order in accordance with the customs rules. Please do not ask to send orders without an invoice, it is illegal for us. Shipping cost is not indicated in the invoice -the rest we cannot change - these are the rules.

Packaging and storage

The airlessness of the bottle may have been impaired during transportation. To fix it, you can remove the metal lid from the bottom and push the inner "disk" inside the bottle, simultaneously pressing the dispenser until the cream starts to flow.
The second option: if you have already used the cream, the dispenser could have gotten clogged. In this case, please, remove the cap, rinse it with water and dry thoroughly before putting it back.
These simple life hacks will definitely help❤️

There should be a small crack at the bottom of the bottle, as this is an airless bottle, air does not get in there, so the cream is stored longer and does not deteriorate. And also it can be used (squeezed out) not only in a vertical position, but also in a horizontal position.
Also for the more convenient disposal, when the cream is over, you can break the bottle in half along this crack, take out the bag that contained the cream and hand the bottle over for recycling, as it is made of 100% recyclable plastic🌿

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Our products do not need to be stored in the refrigerator, you can simply keep them on the shelf in the bathroom, preferably at a temperature no higher than 25 degrees and not in direct sunlight. The fact that our products are natural does not mean they are preservative-free, there are many excellent working preservatives allowed in natural cosmetics, believe us, you would not want a natural water-based product without preservatives.
For flower powder it is important that no water gets into the jar.

Depending on the product, of course. Usually it is 2-3 years from the date of production or 6 months after opening.

During European certification the products undergo temperature tests, so there is no need to worry, everything will be fine with them. In addition, the products are in airless bottles, which increases their shelf life.


It depends on your goals. If the goal is to remove swelling, to work with wrinkles or rosacea - then they are very important. But they are important when buying any cosmetics. You should understand that it is a deceit that cosmetics can remove bags under the eyes, smoothes or creases on the skin, and so on. But everything that can be done at the level of cosmetics - CREAM.LY will do🌿

Most likely the site has identified you as an English-speaking user and does not show you video coursesas our videos are in Russian language only. If you speak Russian, try changing the site language by clicking the "globe" icon in the upper right corner and choosing Russian there. Then video courses will be available for you❤️

Please check Spam or Promotions folder - You might find the email there. Or you can create an account by clicking on this link using the same email you used when purchasing the video course, you will find a video-course there.

Please, check the following:

  1. Have you already created an account? If not, then you should first create it by using this link;
  2. Make sure you enter the correct username (email) and password;
  3. The email should match the one you ordered when purchasing the course;
  4. Check the email with password in the Spam and Promotions folders.

1 year is more than enough to master the technique😊


All our products are certified in the EU before the start of production, without this it is impossible to produce cosmetics in laboratories in the European Union.
Also, our cosmetics are additionally certified in the CIS in the Invitro laboratory, which does this exclusively without testing on animals.

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No, we love animals! The products are made in Europe, where animal testing is no longer required. When passing additional certification in the CIS, we also certify in the laboratory that does it exclusively without animals - Invitro.

Since we do customs clearance for products for the CIS, labels are issued according to local bureaucratic norms. But any of our creams works with different types of skin, as it generally restores its lipid layer and normalizes its work😊

After you taking the quiz on our site, the care itself (2-4 means) and the compositions Cream my skin, Nourish my skin and Cream my body are determined depending on the selected care goals. This means that the bottles of Cream my skin, Nourish my skin and Cream my bodyare the same, but the compositions may differ. They can be identified by the icons on the side of the bottle. Also you can always send us a photo of the labels, and we will help you to figure out which bottle has the needed composition in it.
Flower powder and Exfoliate my skin have universal formulas.

We don’t offer discounts anymore as we create a high-quality product. However, there is no markup in the price so there is no point in offering a discount - we think it's fair.

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